My father and me maintain their own mail server (postfix). In order to provide mutual backup-mx functionality, certain configuration information need to be synced. As much as is feasable, potentially harmful changes are rejected.

As added benefit, writing this software served/serves the purpose of exanding my C skills with related libraries and linux syscalls, see below for a list:

  • the server-side is intended to be used as CGI/1.1 (RFC 3875) program.

  • on the receiving side, a public key is provided as configuration to the program. Only the matching private key is permitted to submit mailconfig for it’s own (relay-)domains.

  • libsodium is used to perform the cryptographic operations like encrypt, sign and verify (and other).

  • certain operations are forked off into a separate helper process. unix domain sockets in the abstract address space are used for interprocess communication.

downloading & installing

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